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Smokehouse Menus

Welcome to V-ATE, your ultimate dining destination! Our smokehouse paradise invites you to rev up your taste buds with iconic dishes like sizzling dirty burgers and succulent beef ribs sourced from local suppliers. Our detailed allergy information ensures a worry-free dining experience for all. Short on time? Our 2 for £15 or Drive Time menus provide quick, satisfying bites without compromising on flavor.

At V-ATE, we're not just serving meals; we're crafting memories.

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Deals you'll love!

Halloumi and grilled chicken salad

drinks and desserts

Drinks and Cocktails
Desserts and Hot Drinks
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Allergy Information

Discover the important details about allergens and dietary considerations for our menu items. We are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for all our guests. Click the button below to explore full details and find out how we accommodate various dietary requirements.



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