Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you located?

A. You can find us on the A17 Sutterton roundabout, Sutterton, Boston, PE20 2LN. Located within the main truck stop services building

Q. Do you take table bookings?

A. Car themed table can be booked up to 120 days in advance through the booking widget on our website. Here you can also book party packages and our duckpin bowling lanes. Although walk-ins are always welcome we would encourage booking to ensure you have a table reserved

Q. Can I bring a cake and decorations?

A. You are more than welcome to bring a cake with you to the restaurant. Our team will be happy to participate in any singing of happy birthday and will even present the cake with a candle if you require. We can also add a candle to any desserts ordered. You are also welcome to bring any balloons, banners and other decorations however we ask that you do not bring confetti as this can cause health and safety issues.

Q. Do you take bookings for large parties?

A. V-ATE can fit parties of up to 18 guests, this includes high chairs . If you require a larger booking please email with your enquiry and we will work with you to try accommodate your party.

Q. Do I need to book my car themed table and bowling separately?

A. Both bookings can be made at the same time through our online widget but essentially it is two separate bookings. Booking a car themed table will not automatically guarantee a duckpin bowling lane for your party. Our booking system makes it easy to select a table time and bowling time together. This way you can choose to bowl before or after you eat

Q. What is duckpin bowling?

A. Well it’s a lot like 10-Pin bowling with each lane being able to accommodate up to 6 guests. The balls are slightly smaller and have no holes (perfect for little hands or those with long nails) the pins are slightly shorter too. It is essentially 10-pin bowling as you know and love it but with no need to change you shoes (hurrah) and a slightly smaller lane (approx 25ft)

Q. Do I need to eat in the restaurant to bowl?

A. Not at all. You are welcome to book a bowling lane without needing to dine in the restaurant

Q. Can I eat and bowl at the same time?

A. There is a specific bowling menu available to order from the lanes themselves. The menu consists of tasty bar snacks such as loaded nachos and garlic dough balls. If you are looking to dine in one of our car themed tables then you will need to book this either before or after your bowling time.

Q. Do you offer party packages?

A. Of course! Check out the party package page of the website for more information

Q. Are you wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes! Our restaurant is based on one level and we have many car themed tables suitable for wheelchairs. One of our duckpin bowling lanes has wheelchair access, and the lighter smaller balls make bowling accessible to all. There is also a disable toilet on site.

Q. Do you allow dogs?

A. I’m afraid due to our lease agreement only service dogs are allowed on site. We do offer takeaway as an alternative option

Q. Do you offer takeaway?

A. We do yes! Orders can be placed online through our website, via Just Eat or you can call the restaurant directly on 01205 726049

Q. Do you have allergy information?

A. We have full allergen information on all of our dishes available to view at the restaurant, just ask our team upon your arrival and they will be happy to assist you. We are working on creating an online version that should be available soon. For now please message our team directly to find out more

Q. Do you have gluten free options?

A. Yes! Many of our dishes can be made gluten free. Please check the gluten free section of our menu to find out more. If you have any questions regarding the menu please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q. Do you offer vegetarian and vegan options?

A. We do yes! Check out the meat free section of our menu for all vegan and vegetarian options. If you have any questions regarding the menu please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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