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THURSDAY - 5PM - 10PM (Kitchen closes @ 8.30pm)
FRIDAY - 4PM - 10.30PM (Kitchen closes @ 9pm)
SATURDAY - 12PM - 10.30PM (Kitchen closes @ 9pm)
SUNDAY - 12PM - 9PM (Kitchen closes @ 7.30pm)

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+44 1205 280546
Guests with Additional Needs
We are more than happy to welcome guests with additional needs.  If you would like to speak to a member of our team about your requirements prior to booking then we will be more than happy to help.  We appreciate that some of our guests struggle with the sensory challenges of a restaurant so please let us know if there is anything we can do do make your visit more pleasant.  Our team are more than happy to make suggestions on when to visit and what we can cater for so please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Stuff to know before you book...

Each Booked table is allocated 90 mins at the table from the time they are seated.

If you are more than 15 mins late for your booked table and we have not heard from you then we will attempt to call you once and should we not be able to speak to you then your table may be offered to other waiting guests.  The amount of time you are late by will be deducted from your 90 mins of allocated time at your table.

Some of our tables are perfect for our guests in Wheelchairs but we would like to know in advance if a member of your party will require one of these tables.

We are a Dog Friendly restaurant and welcome well behaved dogs.  We would, however, like to know that you are bringing your furry friend with you so that we can seat you somewhere appropriate that should cause little or no disruption to our other guests.

Our kitchen try very hard to cater for most dietary requirement however we are limited by the fact that we have little space to have controlled areas of our kitchen.  For instance although we can provide meals with gluten free ingredients we do not have a designated gluten free fryer.  We also create dishes with nuts on site.  We ask that you use the information we have provided on our menus to assess your own level of risk before dining with us.

When booking we will need to know about everyone in your party, that includes young children and babies in high chairs or prams.  

The largest group size we can offer is 12 people in one sitting.  Any groups larger than this will only be taken at the managers discretion. If you wish to book a table larger than 7 people then you will need to give us a call as our online booking system is unable to check availability for parties exceeding 7 guests.

Do you take Walk-Ins?

Yes we do but obviously have to prioritsie our booked guests.  Sometimes we can seat you straight away without a booking and sometimes are hard pushed to find you a table within the hour.  Our team always want to take as many guests as possible so you will only ever be turned away if we have nothing left.  If you don't want to risk a wait or being turned away then we always advise that you book. 

Google is pretty good at showing when we are at our most busy and also when we are quiet so maybe use that as a guide before heading out.

Some pictures of our seating...

We try very hard to make sure that our guests get the table that they want but it is just not always possible.  We ask that you set realistic expectations of our restaurant and of our team when being seated at one of our tables.  We are a quirky restaurant with unconventional seating, if this is not for you then we totally understand.
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We sometimes use the Fiat 500s to pop a group of 8 guests at when our Mustang table is in use.
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Our Mustang table seats up to 10 on stool seating.
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Our Subaru table seats up to 4 guests at Car Seats.
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Our Thunderbird seats 6 guests at Car Seats.
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Our Mini tables seat up to 4 guests at Car Seats.
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Our two Vespa tables sit side by side and together they can seat up to 12 guests. Six of those seats are on the back of Vespas the othere 6 are upcycled mini bus seats.
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Our Lincoln Continental seats up to 6 guests at Car Seats.
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Our Fiat 500 tables Sofia and Gino seat up to 4 guests each at stool seating.
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