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20th March 2020


To all of our loyal customers and friends,

First of all we would like to personally thank each and every individual that has ordered from us this week.  Also a huge thank you to those of you who have shared our posts, sent messages of support and just generally kept us feeling positive and loved.  This support network has been invaluable in keeping our team going and for that we are eternally grateful.  Social media can be used as an incredible force for good and this week has proven that.

Earlier in the week after the government’s announcement asking for people to stop visiting restaurants and other social venues we had to take the very difficult decision of telling our casual team that we did not know if there would be any more shifts for them after this week.  These people are the life and soul of our business, most of them are under 21, incredibly hard working and they make our restaurants what they are… fun, exciting and upbeat.  On a weekend they support our full time team and we have sorely missed them even in the few short days that many of them have been missing from our business.

As an employer of almost 30 people our major concern was how we were going to pay peoples wages.  We asked ourselves a lot of questions and ran the numbers in lots of different scenarios and as you have seen from this week we just decided that the only option we had was to go for it so we turned our full service restaurants into takeaways overnight and we went full throttle to make it work.  There is no doubt that it has worked in keeping our full time team busy but please know that we have had to take a major hit on the margins (which are already tight) and although there is obviously a demand we are not entirely sure that it works for a long term business solution that covers our teams full incomes. 

Prior to the PM’s announcement this afternoon our plan for next week was to offer our full time team approx. 75% of their hours over 4 days (Thurs – Sun) and to run the takeaway side of things once again.  We were anxious not to predict exactly how this would work too early on as there are so many variables.

For instance…
If one of our chefs were to have to isolate would we be able to operate the takeaway for both restaurants or would we have to prioritise one?
What if one of our team became ill whilst at work?  Should we all then isolate?

We are a family business too, so obviously this means that family members (who are also key members of staff) are working together so should one person begin showing symptoms where would this leave us?

We are aware that we are not exactly getting to the point but we want you to see why we have taken the decision that we have this evening as an entire team.  We know that the demand for the takeaway is there, we absolutely feel the love for it and we won’t forget that.  However, we have a government who have offered to retain our team’s income up to a higher level that we could guarantee as their employer.  Not only that but if we close our doors and cease to trade (TEMPORARILY… this is TEMPORARY) then not only will our Full Time Team benefit but also our wonderful Casual Team also. 

We have to also think about the reason our government is asking us to close and why they are prepared to support our team in such a way… it is to keep us safe.  Our team are our family and their health and wellbeing is, hands down, the most important thing.

So tomorrow the doors will not open, the ovens will stay cold and the team will stay home. 

To our team…

Never have we known such hardworking, dedicated and talented people.  We are always proud of you but this week you have made us burst with happiness.  You have treated our business as if it were your own and you have treated us, your employers, like we are your friends and your family.  Caring more for us and our wellbeing than for yourselves at times.  Your jobs here are safe and in time this company will prosper and thrive once again.  Let’s face it… after all this time in their homes our customers are going to be ready for some fun and we definitely know how to throw a party!!    

So to everyone who has read this far, thank you.  We will spend our time here making sure that when you are allowed to return that you return to restaurants that have been loved and improved in ways that we haven’t even had time to think up yet!  We are only pressing pause for the next month but rest assured WE WILL BE BACK!

From our family to yours we wish you all happiness, the best of health and love,

Lesley, Bob, Neil and Victoria xxx
Company Directors

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